If anyone knows anything about me it's how much I enjoy Elder Scrolls. The games bring me an intense amount of comfort and nostalgia. This is for literally anyone who's played skyrim and knows about the feud between the imperials and stormcloaks . Now of course me being an in the middle person I see and understand both parties. Buuuut if you were to ask who I side with, I'm going to say Imperial. I can already hear the Stormcloak supporters saying "WAHHH LET ME WORSHIP TALOOOSSS!!!!" but you all fail to see the future. I will get into exactly what I mean by that in a bit. Stormcloaks are the rebellious types in the war. They all are for "Fight for skyrim! They took our rights!" of course you want skyrim to be safe, and so obviously you would side with the Stormcloaks. The first scene in the game is the player being executed BY the Imperials. A Stormcloak man named Ralof helps guide you through directly after the dragon attack happens. So in conclusion to that it's very natural that someone would side with Stormcloaks. There is a massive lack of vision there because it's not as cookie cutter as the game makes it look. If you look into the lore with the Imperials and the Aldmeri Dominion, you will probably hear about the White-Gold Concordat A LOT because it is incredibly important to what is happening in Skyrim. Allegedly, the White-Gold Concordat was a treaty which banned the worship of Talos. It was a negative to the Imperial Empire as well. "The treaty, though its terms are very unfavorable to the Empire, was initiated by Emperor Titus Mede II and agreed to by the Aldmeri Dominion due largely to the outcome of the Battle of the Red Ring in 4E 175, in which the Aldmeri army in Cyrodiil was completely destroyed by the Imperial army under Titus II. The Empire initiated the treaty knowing that, despite a temporary reversal in fortunes, the Aldmeri were in a position to eventually overwhelm the Empire - the Imperial army had suffered the loss of three entire Legions during the war (one in the retreat from the Imperial City in the previous year and two more during the Battle of the Red Ring) in addition to the surviving portion having lost over half its men.” The Aldmeri Dominion are an empire of High Elves which basically want to take over the world and destroy all mankind because they find themselves to be a dominant race. The High Elves treaty was basically “we won the war and now you belong to us." The treaty was basically just to put everyone else under their thumb. The Stormcloaks don't realize that the empire is literally OWNED by the Aldmeri. In the game you can see Aldmeri Dominion elves taking in war prisoners for mostly dumb things. In Cyrodil, it's exactly like that but 10x more. It's probably packed with Elven soldiers. The Stormcloaks fail to see that the Imperials are the only allies they have, yet they kill them because they can't see the future. Rikke is a very important Imperial soldier because despite being a Nord herself, she sides with the Imperials and is even the Chief Legate. She was WITH Ulfric fighting against the Elves, but she understands that you can't just fight without allies. Theoretically if the Stormcloaks won then the Aldmeri Dominion would come in while they are weak and destroy them. No one will be there to defend them because they just burned down their only allies. Rikke knows she's siding with Skyrim, but she knows it's not as black and white as Ulfric sees it. Ulfric kills Torygg , the High King of Skyrim. Torygg was chosen by each jarl INCLUDING Ulfric to become high king. Torygg knew how strong Ulfric was, and Torygg had a deep respect for Ulfric. He even said that he would side with Ulfric if he asked. But instead of asking, Ulfric just murdered him to take the throne. Ulfric didn't JUST murder Torygg. When you find him in sovngarde (basically the heaven for nords), he talks about how he died and he knew his destiny was to die. When a Jarl challenges the High King to a duel, he must say yes because it is tradition; so he knew he was going to die because he's not a war hero who can use the voice like Ulfric. If he says no he can't go to sovngarde because he is no longer deemed respectful or honorful. Ulfric literally blackmails him because he knows that Torygg won't say no and knows he has a massive power advantage. Torygg says "When Ulfric Stormcloak, with savage Shout, sent me here, my sole regret was fair Elisif, left forlorn and weeping. I faced him fearlessly - my fate inescapable, yet my honor is unstained - can Ulfric say the same?" One last reason I don't like Ulfric: he's racist as hell. Morrowind (where the Dark Elves live) is a horribly conditioned place. Everything is covered in ash, so naturally many Dark Elves moved to Skyrim. They had to move to Windhelm, where Ulfric and the Stormcloak rebellion live, because its the city that's the closest to Morrowind. Ulfric forces the Dark Elves to live in the worst part of the city, called the Gray Quarter. If you can't already tell the name in itself is racist. Within the city walls, cityfolk say things to the Dark Elves like telling them to go back to where they came from and threaten them because they think they're imperial spies. Not to fucking mention that Ulfric forces the Argonians who live in Windhelm to sleep outside the city walls on the docks, where they work day and night, with little to no pay. Ulfric even says himself that foreigners should not be trusted. To top the cake anytime any nord is in need, he sends his army to help but lets say a group of Dark Elves is being overrun by bandits in his territory, he pretends he doesn't see it. He thinks the immigrants are a burden to his society and that he wants to impose heavier taxes onto them. Anyway in conclusion that is my opinion about the Civil War in skyrim. If you have differing opinions please send them to my guestbook. laku noc everyone. :)


Hi, this is my first post on this blog page. I’m struggling with the design at the moment so I'm sorry. I'm kind of bored, so I'm going to bask in my lack of social matters. When i was little i was very shy. I would try to look around for other things to do because I was scared of strangers, or I would hide behind something. I don't understand why i did this, and it didn't get any better when concepts like new family members came into play (step-parents). I don't like strangers in my home. Once my sister snuck in her friend for like months and her friend barely came out of my sisters disgustingly disarranged room. I didn't speak to her even once. I was actually the first one to learn she was secretly living there, because I happened to walk into my brothers old room, and she was sleeping on the floor, like a helpless dog. There on, I continued to call her a chihuahua. It was a pretty fitting name, I'd like to think. It probably sounds like i was being a huge asshole, but when someone new who i don't know comes into my living space i get uncomfortable. For example my sister recently got a new roommate and I love his dog Roscoe, but he sometimes smiles at me and tries to talk to me and I just walk away. I don't have anything against him, he just is a stranger. His dog was actually extreemely scared of me at first but now we are friends because I gave him some of my orange chicken and pet him while I layed on the floor. I'm better with animals than people. I think most people can relate. This doesn't mean I hate everyone or don't like talking. I actually do get really talkative with the right people, and I get more lively if its a subject I like talking about. I'm strangely more comfortable with strangers online. I'm also more comfortable talking online. I get more annoyed with people in real life, because its easier to see what they're actually like, and it's easier to spot their intentions. Online, there's barriers, because you don't know everything, simply because it's not in front of you. I like the mystery in things, the more I have to think about things the more interested I get. When someone in real life gives me something to ponder about, it's harder to think, especially when they're the type of person to force you to answer quickly. I'd probably suck at doing a job interview for that reason. What I was trying to say is I struggle making friends because i'm pretty picky when it comes to people I will willingly open up to. I value friendships that are true and don't make me feel like I'm not allowed to say certian things. My point is that social shit is hard to understand. bye reader.